Discover This Simple, Easy To Implement, "Turn-Key" SYSTEM...That Will Improve Clinical Outcomes, Improve Cash Collections, & Create An Abundance Of Referrals! 
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Dear Doctor,

I'm glad you're here! I realize your time is valuable, but the next few minutes can completely transform your practice, just like it did mine several years ago.

I run several FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, CASH based practices in the Minneapolis area! These are LOW overhead, LOW stress, HIGH profit practices!
I'm not some "guru" who sits on the sidelines telling you what to do! I'm in the trenches just like you! I know what works...I know what DOESN'T work! The docs who are most successful with this system are those that simply replicate & duplicate what we do!

Why TriWell™?

Because there is a HUGE need in healthcare for functional medicine! It is the FUTURE of healthcare (in MY opinion) & I believe so many chiropractors can IMPROVE their clinical outcomes, IMPROVE their cash collections, BOOST the number of referrals they get by adding a few OBJECTIVE services...

I also know that damn near EVERY condition walking through my door stems from too much INFLAMMATION! The Standard American Diet (SAD) is very processed, pro-inflammatory, & toxic!

TriWell™ is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, improve digestive function, and reduce the burden on the immune system! The result? People FUNCTION at a more optimal level!
Quick Success Story From Dr. Marc!
"In less than 2 months...with FB only...reached 9000 people locally (targeted)...350+ FB engagements...filled 5 in-office seminars...for under $170!"
Quick Success Story From Lee
"He's helped package, streamline, & systematize things that produce results!"
Adding 5-Minute Objective Testing...That Patients Not Only Want...But NEED!
  •  No Nurse Needed!
  •  No Phlebotomist Needed!
  •  No Outside Lab Needed!
  •  Convenient For Patients!
  •  Doctor Or Staff Can Perform!
  •  Affordable! 
  •  Scalable! 
  •  EASY To Market!

WELCOME To TriWell™!
Improve Clinical Outcomes - Improve Cash Collections
TriWell™ Curriculum 
Trainings Are Available Via Video, Webinars, Screenshares, PDF's etc.
VIDEO - How To Objectively Test Patients (Foods & Vitamins / Nutrients) In Under 5 Minutes! Delegate To Staff If Need Be!
Testing Foods Is Foundation #1 Of TriWell™ But Let Me Make A Few Key Points...
  •  You Need An AFFORDABLE Lab - A $400-$600 Per Test Lab WON'T WORK! You Won't Be Able To Scale With An Expensive Lab!
  •  You Need Testing That You Can Keep IN-HOUSE! No Outside Lab / Phlebotomist Needed...No Extra Staff!
  •  You Need A Fast Turnaround Time! Patients (especially weight loss) Don't Want To Wait A Month Before Starting! 12-14 Days Is Ideal!
Testing In Office Is The Easy Part! 
Where Doctors Need Help Is The Marketing! We've Cracked The Code!
Niche Specific FB Ad Campaigns!
Doc, I talk to new doctors almost every day...and it's amazing how many DELEGATE their Facebook marketing to some "guru" with minimal results. Some are spending 1k, 2k, 3k+ per month to a FB "agency" or firm. 

This is NOT rocket science. We GIVE you our exact "niche specific" FB campaigns. We show you WHO to target, WHERE to target, HOW to target, how to RE-TARGET...

We give you the images...text...automation strategies...all PROVEN to work! We've worked out the "kinks" so you don't have to. 
Sample ADHD Post
This just  one of our MANY niche specific ADHD posts. You'll see more sample FB campaigns below. We provide you with the exact TEXT, IMAGE / VIDEO, TARGETING, RE-TARGETING etc.

I know it's cliche...but there ARE riches in niches! 

It's BEST to pick 3-4 conditions that you really like and enjoy helping VS being everything to everybody! 

I see chiropractic websites where it looks like the doctor treats everything from ear infections to gout...and everything in between! 

This is a MISTAKE! Focus on a few and MASTER them!

This is why, as of this writing, I have 60+ websites...all niche / condition specific! 

If you don't like Medicare...don't target Diabetes & Neuropathy! Focus on what YOU WANT TO FILL YOUR OFFICE WITH...and go get it! 
100+ Done For You FB Posts!
3+ months worth of DAILY FB POSTS! No more thinking about what to post! Just post...along with the sponsored ads intertwined generating leads / calls / NP's.
Dominate The Front Page Of Google With VIDEO!
We train on 3 specific strategies designed to pull videos to the front page of google FAST!
99% Of Doctors Do This WRONG!
You CAN'T just click the upload button! There is a very SPECIFIC way to upload, back link, title, keyword etc. that allows videos to RANK FAST onto page 1 of Google! It is a "loophole" we've been using for years! This 1 strategy alone is worth the entire TriWell™ system! 


Because we get calls DAILY from thyroid patients...weight loss patients...ADHD etc...who see our videos all over page 1...and they pick up the phone and take action! 
Niche Condition Video Ranking!
We'll show you exactly HOW to rank video to page 1 of Google! Video is KING! We rank videos ORGANICALLY for FREE and get flooded with new patient calls! This 1 strategy alone with worth the entire program!
You Don't Want To Just Be On The Front Page Of Google. You Want To Be #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10! You Want To DOMINATE Specific Niches / Conditions!
We GIVE You The Videos AND Websites To Be Able To Do This Right Away In Your City!
Thank you Dr. Brandon for putting together your turn-key system for the Triwell program and FoodTest95. These systems offer doctors everything they need to add to an existing practice or begin one. I absolutely love it and I am so grateful to him because he figures everything out so we don’t have to! 

It is hands down the best money I have invested into my practice. I have tried multiple things that claimed to be similar programs and they never worked. Dr. Brandon’s program is the real thing that can bring immediate income. I don’t know where I would be today with out it. 

Dr. Susan Monias 
In-Office Tools
131 Page Patient Procedure Manual
This Is The Manual That You Print, Punch, And 3 Ring Bind For The Patient!
  •  Science & Research Behind The TriWell™ Protocol!
  •  Overview Of The 3 Foundations Of TriWell™!
  •  Food Lists (That You'll Customize Based On Testing)!
  •  Journal / Workbook Patient Brings With For Follow-Ups!
In Addition...
We'll Provide You With...
  •  Handouts
  •  Flyers
  •  Posters
  •  Banners
  •  Brochures
  •  Master Food Lists
  •  Intake Forms
  •  Questionnaires
  •  Emails
  •  Sample Reports
This Is A MASSIVE Shortcut So Nothing Has To Be 
"Re-Created"! You Can Hit The Ground Running FAST!
8 Minute Pre-Consultation Video
Let This Video Do The Educating, Heavy Lifting, & SELLING For You!
We'll provide you with the original file so you can put this video on websites / facebook etc. We'll also show you how to RANK this video to page 1 of Google (in your city) within minutes!
Click Below To Watch The Videos!
Rank #1 On Google!
We'll Give You MULTIPLE Niche Specific Websites / Funnels!
(Click Play Below)

Rank Videos Fast!
We Train On How To Rank VIDEO Onto Page 1 Of Google!
(Click Play Below)

Niche Facebook Ads!
ADHD, Weight Loss, Leaky Gut, Thyroid, Migraines etc. etc.
(Click Play Below)

You MUST Have Social Proof That What You Do WORKS!!
So We'll Provide You With Video Testimonials (generic to Food Testing / TriWell™) That You Can Put On Your Website / Facebook / YouTube etc. Don't Forget, You'll Be Able To RANK These Videos To Page 1 Of Google!
The Biggest Concern I Hear From Doctors...
"But Doc, I know NOTHING about functional medicine!"
Not To Worry...
We Have Advanced Trainings On Interpretation / Clinical Protocols! We'll Go Over The Supplement Companies We Use, Labs We Use, & How To Customize A Structured "Plan Of Attack" For A Patient.

You DO NOT Need To Have Advanced Degrees To Offer Objective Testing / Functional Medicine!  
Have A Question? Shoot Me A Text! I'm Available 24/7 To Answer Your Questions!
We Also Train On...
  •  How To Do A Super Successful Day 1 With A New TriWell™ Patient!
  •  How To Do Your Day 2 Report Of Findings With That New Patient!
  •  How To Structure & Perform Follow-ups / Progress Evals!
  •  Business Training / Number Crunching!
We'll GIVE You 17 (And Growing) Niche Specific Websites Of Your Own!
Several Niche Specific Websites / Landing Pages Done FOR YOU!
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Food Testing
  •  Nutrient Testing
  •  Leaky Gut
  •  Thyroid
  •  ADHD
  •  Dinner Talks
  •  In-Office Talks (RSVP)
  •  & More...
Several of these websites we have RANKED #1 on Google. We use a specific SEO software that analyzes everything on the site and helps us optimize it for optimal ranking. You'll be able to drag and drop these websites into YOUR back office and rank them in YOUR city!
TriWell™ Commercial
Do we run T.V. commercials? No! We don't. I think many people DVR things and skip them. 

However, take this professional commercial and put on your landing pages / FB page / YouTube channel / rank to page 1 of Google etc.
Radio Commercials
We'll give you the exact radio commercials we use for our clinics. We TEST & SPLIT TEST various scripts, words, & voices for optimal results! 

We've been running radio for years and if the budget allows for is a GREAT place to be. 


Because it's passive and you're essentially flipping money. $2,500 in...$10,000 out etc. 
TriWell™ Power Point
19 slides with corresponding script / flow / outline! 

Simply replicate & duplicate what we do!
In-Office Talk Formula
This Is The EXACT System We've Been Using For 4+ Years To Put Butts In Seats! We Use Niche Specific FB Ads To Fill Talks! Our TriWell™ Weekly Workshop Generates $35,000-$45,000/mo.
You'll Get:
  •  The Facebook Posts / Images / Text etc.
  • Trainings On Who, Where, How We Target Specific Conditions etc. 
  •  Targeting / Re-Targeting Tutorials 
  •  RVSP Websites / Funnels 
  •  Our EXACT Workshop (30 Minutes)
  •  The TriWell™ Power Point!
  •  The CLOSE!
I Do Talks Out Of Board Rooms (Because I'm In Corporate Office Space)...

10-12 People A Week...

We Transition From The Workshop Into A 1 on 1 Consultation To Determine If The Patient "Qualifies" For The TriWell™ System...
Lunch Talk System
A-Z Lunch Talk System
I've done 100+ lunch talks at DENTAL OFFICES! I will show you the strategy that NOBODY knows about that will get you into almost every dental office in your town!

We'll give you the mailers, follow-up phone scripts, closing strategies, ALL the tools you'll need to set up 2-3 talks per week...IF you want! 

These are FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE based talks!

How To Close On DAY 1!
We Provide You With 11 x 17 Laminated PDF To Close Care Plans!
Patients Starts On Day 1! 

No Long Drawn Out 2-3-4 Day Report Of Findings! 

Either They Want Help Or They Don't! This PDF Does The Financial Aspect Of Closing!

Also, I TOGGLE Up And Down Between Care Plans. It's RARE Somebody Leaves Doing Nothing!
Doc, I Want YOU To Succeed (Both Clinically & From A Business Perspective)...This Is MY Mission...Which Is Why I Hold NOTHING Back! 
I'm In The Trenches Just Like You! I'm Not Some "Guru" Who Sit On The Sidelines Telling You What To Do!
Doc, if I could give you one piece of would be to pursue and learn from as many mentors as you can. Look for the SHORTCUTS! It took us 8 1/2 MONTHS to put TriWell™ together...and we're handing it over to you!

Who has MASTERED what you're looking to master? Simply replicate and duplicate!

You're going to pay for your education one way or another. You'll either pay for it in the form of books, coaching, events, webinars, courses etc...OR you'll pay for it in the form of TIME & MONEY WASTED on costly mistakes and bad decisions.

Investing in yourself is ALWAYS the best option to take.
TriWell™ Is LIMITED To First 100 Doctors ONLY!!!
Once 100 Doctors Are On Board The Enrollment Will Close!
No this is NOT a "scarcity" tactic! We are very selective & you MUST have a passion for nutrition, weight loss, and functional medicine. You MUST have a passion for helping sick people get well! 
Unlock TriWell™ Today!
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WAIT!! Doc, before you hit submit! Please understand...this is NOT a FREE COACHING CALL! Don't submit so you can pick my brain on marketing and what's working. We have that code cracked! This call is reserved for docs who are READY TO TAKE ACTION! Docs who are ready to grow, scale, & MONETIZE a functional medicine based CASH practice! 
No Seminars - No Travel - No Hype - No Hassle
Enroll Today & Be Functional Within A Week!
Because I want you to be'll have 24/7 text / email support! Have a question? Shoot me a text! I'm in the trenches just like you...and I'm an open book! I know what works and what doesn't work! I've made the mistakes so YOU don't have to! 
I appreciate you taking the time to explore adding TriWell™ to your practice! Again, in 14+ years of practice...adding OBJECTIVE testing / functional medicine has been THE BEST business & clinical decision I've made! Clinically you see some amazing changes / transformations. In addition, it's an extremely lucrative cash service! It's a no brainer and my hope and prayer is that you'll give it a shot! Your patients AND your community will thank you! 

To Your Success,  

Dr. Brandon Mannie
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